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Steel handrails
Steel handrails

Steel handrails

Details that make the difference

  • Fer Metal guarantees an easy and quick fastening support. No building works are necessary, you will need only a drill.
  • Our handrails are designed and produced to support loads and safeguards people…they are not only pieces of furniture, but most of all they are created to safeguard who uses them
  • All the components are completely made in stainless steel, a guarantee over the years with no need of maintenance

  • Ordinary handrails on the other hand…
  • Are often complicated to install, they need building works and not always they can be installed with a simple "do-it-yourself"
  • If they are not produced with high quality materials, they deteriorate over the years
  • Plastic, wood, iron handrails need a constant maintenance to last over the years

  • Our warranties:
    • Production right inside the company
    • Unique and original design
    • High quality of the materials
    • Customized projects
    • Resistance and reliability
    • Free estimates
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