Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all Fer Metal products made in Italy?Open or Close

    The whole Fer Metal production is entirely made in Italy, in order to offer products of the highest quality and design.

  • Is it possible to benefit from the tax credit buying Fer Metal product?Open or Close

    Yes, some works and services provided by Fer Metal can fall within the cases that benefit from the tax credit, such as:

    routine maintenances: they can benefit from the tax credit only if they are carried out on apartment block's communal spaces (for example parapets and railings' replacements conserving the same features);
    special maintenances: any expense made in order to carry out the works benefits from the tax credit, including the removal of architectural barriers;
    property restorations: any expense made in order to carry out the works benefits from the tax credit.

    For more information about the works and services that can benefit from the tax credit ask your accountant!

  • Are estimates free?Open or Close

    Our sales department will provide you with complete and free estimates.

  • Does the design of the railings is carried out?Open or Close

    Our technicians work in close collaboration with the buyer to plan the stainless steel railings according to the customer's requirements. Thanks to their experience and helpfulness, Fer Metal's designers know how to realise your customized projects by drafting and modelling the railing to adapt it to the specific environment.
    The project phase ends with a complete document including all measures, surveys and graphical renderings.

  • Is a customer support available?Open or Close

    In the eventuality of any issue, you can contact our Technical Department that will help you with any information and explanation, both during the design and the installation phase.